About us

About us

The Artificial Limb Centre was established in Pune on 19 May 1944 with a view to provide artificial limbs to the vast number of casualties of the two World Wars. In 1945 it was translocated to Kirkee, on the outskirts of Pune and then in 1946 to Lahore . During this time some of the officers and technicians were sent to various organizations in UK for training in manufacture of prosthetics and orthotics. Post-Independence, in 1948, it was re-established at Kirkee and then moved to the present location, a lush green area of 26 acres in the heart of Pune.

The ALC has been a pioneer in the field of rehabilitation of the orthopaedically handicapped in India. Although the Artificial Limb Centre was raised with primary objective of meeting prosthetic/orthotic requirements of Armed Forces personnel and disabled ex-servicemen; the facilities were extended to dependents of Armed Forces personnel and civilians in 1951. The clientele, coming from all over India and its neighbouring countries, has grown to nearly 50000; a few of them being from the 2nd World War era and many being veterans of the ‘62, ‘65 and ‘71 wars.

The ALC has grown over the years not only in numbers but also in technology. The Centre provides state of the art prostheses & orthoses. The Centre has acquired the ability for Computer Aided Design and Manufacture enabling accurate and faster manufacture of rehabilitation devices.

There is an endless list of eminent personalities who have ‘walked and worked’ on the limbs made by this centre. Many of them have achieved rare distinctions in their chosen field of activities. Our patients have sailed around the world, won gold medals in ‘Para Olympics’, flown in helicopters on active duty as pilots, run marathons and still play active role on frontiers.

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