Role and Responsibility


Role & Responsibility


Perspective   planning  for  overall  operations  of  ASC  and implementation of policies as directed by Ministry of      Defence etc. OffrsMgt, WE/PE, PET/WET, Offrs/PBOR Trg, UN Msn, Raising/ Disbandment, Perspective Plg, OP Lgs.


Gen Coord, pub of cas, persdocu of Offrs, Proc of Office Eqpt, Publication of AO/SAO/AI/SAI, Allotment of guest rooms at ASC offrs mess, TD Mov Sanction, Handling of Grievances, Petitions, Complaintsetc of ASC pers.


Provisioning, distr and stocking of td, dehyd, fruit dried, MM food, Jam and Coffee.


Forecasting, provisioning, budgeting and despatchInstr (DI) wrt Centrally Procured Rations Items.


Policies and procedures regarding conclusion of contracts wrt fresh sup, processing contract docu with IFA, rent recovery of ASC butcheries, complaints/ appeal wrt contracts, Def Food Specification wrt fresh sup.


Ration scales, entitlement of rations, hospital diets, extra ration and med comforts. Amdt to SRS, Ration allce and intro of new items of rations.


Frame, revise, delete and maint DFS of centrally proc items. Analysis, tech aspects of food commodities and trials, appeal bds, despatches against DI.


Est  of FIO, Acct  and  disposal  of  samples recd, trg/posting of scientific  staff, DFA test, LP  of lab eqpt/chem., Tech/Hyg insp of vendor’s site.


Proc of dry ration items for Armed Forces and post contract mgt.


Forecasting, provisioning, review, procurement, holding, storage, turnover, disposal and quality control of FOL main grades, lubricants, greases and oils.


Forecasting provisioning, review, procurement, holding, storage, turnover, disposal and quality control of FOL packing materials and Hyg&Chem items.


Frame /revise JSQR/GSQR of B Veh/eqpt, Draft RFP, trials and draft GS evaluations, AT/ Remount and  AirMaint issues,  MACT cases.


Mgt of ASC pers (combatant & civ), rect policy, posting turnover, promotion and discp of ASC pers, ASC Records, legal cases of ASC pers, grievances of ASC civ, dept promotion committee of ASC civs. Processing of PC (SL), RO, SCO& ACC appln. 


Monitoring all legal case relating to ASC (Fresh Sup) involving  arb, advice on arb, appt of arbitrators, revision of arbclasues, rec of govt dues.


IT Trg, Allotment of IT grant, hardware reqmt of ASC, maint of ST Dte LAN connectivity with AHCC, Cyber Security, Updation of ASC web page, public info Netwk, IT sty items and protocols.


Formulation, monitoring, distr, cont of ASC budget,  forecast and  re-appropriation, audit objns, loss  statements,  monitor and   regulate  transactions  wrt  ASC  Welfare   Fund,    ASC Messes and   Band   Fund,  DGST  Fund,   ASC  Association   Fund and  Re-union Fund.