The hilly slopes of Mizoram, which means "Land of the Highlanders," are covered with dense evergreen forests, bamboo, and flowers such as orchids, begonias, and geraniums. Rice, maize, and vegetables are the main agricultural products. Although there is no significant industry in Mizoram, sawmills, handwoven textiles, and handicrafts are important sources of income.

            Society in Mizoram is tribal and largely based around villages. Mizo and English are the official languages, and the state has one of the highest literacy rates in India. More than 80 per cent of the population professes Christianity in the region, largely converted by missionaries during the 19th century.

            The southernmost of the hill states of India, Mizoram was part of Assam State until it was made a Union Territory in 1972. It became a full state in February 1987.