Aid to Civil Authority

(Army for People)

1.         Besides internal security, army assistance is sought by the governments of the northeastern states for many reasons. Usually it is during times of natural calamities. It was sought for the first time in 1950 when Assam was hit by an earthquake followed by floods. There have been numerous other instances thereafter when Army was called out to help the civil administration. In each and every case, without exception, the organizational strength of army formations and units and the dedication of disciplined Army personnel, overcame numerous challenges to rise to the occasion to provide immediate relief to the affected people. 


2.         At times requests for assistance are also made to make use of the specialized equipment and the expertise available with the Army. It could be for the launching of a bridge, as an immediate replacement for one that may have been washed away, or it could well be for army divers to locate the victims and the wreckage of a bus that may have fallen in river.


3.         Flood Relief: Every year heavy rains in North East region of the country result in inundation of large stretches of areas especially in South Assam. On a requisition from civil authorities, flood relief columns from Army Regiments are deployed. Large number of marooned civilians are rescued, ration, food packets, water and water sterilisation kits are distributed.


4.         Maintenance of Lines of Communications: The roads in the region are prone to disruption due to frequent landslides and Floods.  Each and everytime, the army acts as a succour to the intended civilian by helping them in evacuation and opening up of lines of communication.


5.         Other Assistance: Apart from natural calamities the Army also rushes to the rescue of civilians in accidents. On a number of occasions army units/columns have speedily reacted thereby saving valuable lives.