Trinshat Varsha Dirgha Seva Medal 30 Years


Conditions of Eligibility

Awarded to all Armed Forces personnel serving in the Army, the Navy and the Air Force on completion of unblemished service of 30 years and more on the date of the issue of the Notification or thereafter. The term ‘unblemished service’ is classified as under: -


(a) Service which counts for pension or gratuity.

(b) The period of blemished service viz, imprisonment or conviction may be excluded for reckoning the prescribed length of service for the award of this medal.

(c) Has not more than 8 red-ink entries and no red-ink entry during the last one year, preceding the award.


Design of the Medal and Ribbon

Medal - Circular in shape, made of cupro-nickel, 35 mm in diameter and fitted to a plain horizontal bar with standard fitting. It shall have embossed on its obverse the State Emblem and the inscriptions “ 30 YEARS” in Hindi and English below it along the rim and “LONG SERVICE” in Hindi and English on either side of the State Emblem along the rim. On its reverse it shall have crest of three Services in the Centre with rising sun on the top.

Ribbon - Orange colour background with three vertical stripes of Red, Dark Blue and Light blue of 2mm in width in the centre and with two equal parts of their remaining ribbon on the two sides.