1.    It is with deep sense of humility, honour and privilege that I assume the coveted appointment of the Director General Dental Services. I do so conscious of the responsibility reposed in me to lead the finest professionals in the world. I extend my felicitations and good wishes to the Veterans, Officers, JCOs ORs of the Army Dental Corps, all Civilian employees and families.

2.    I extend heartfelt gratitude to all my illustrious and esteemed predecessors, whose astute and visionary leadership have ensured the progress and expansion of the Corps over the decades. We are indebted to all Veterans for assiduously nurturing the Corps while keeping abreast with the latest technology and armamentarium and having bequeathed us with a strong foundation and legacy to build on. It should be our endeavor to follow in their footsteps to ensure that the motto of the Corps “Reach the Soldier” is implemented in letter and spirit and quality Oral Health Care is made available to every soldier.

3.    Trg on military & professional fronts should go on side by side. There should be an inherent calling from the men and offrs to achieve excellence in their chosen disciplines and they should strive to improve their professional and soft skills with the changing times.

4.    Teamwork is the essence & most important ingredient of success, group effort when complimented with inpidual commitment would lead to the best outcome. Advisors, COs & OCs at all levels should ensure that men under their command should get to spend quality time with their families. I am of the strong opinion that soldiers with happy families can take care of the jobs entrusted to them as the family is the invisible force behind the success of every soldier.

5.    The future challenges continue to demand greater commitment from the Offrs & men of the Army Dental Corps. It should be the endeavor of the Corps to blend the latest and the best of treatment technologies with humane care and compassion while rendering best quality treatment to our soldiers, veterans and their families.

6.    I solicit your support in achieving the set targets in the thrust areas which will go a long way in fulfilling our wish list. I wish all of you and your family all the very best in future endeavors.

Jai Hind!