addl dgafms (mr) 3d

DG-3D deals with the Family Welfare Programme in the DGAFMS. Its duties in brief are the following:-

1. Programme aspects. Implementation and monitoring of FW Programme in the Army, Navy, Air Force and the DGOF, framing of policy matters, providing technical guidance, reporting monthly and annual progress to MoH& FW.

2. Personnel Matters. Recruitment and career progression of Lady Medical Officers. Inter-service posting/transfer of LMOs and all personnel matters of doctors, framing/Review of Recruitment Rules for all posts in the FW Organization.

3. Budgetary Aspects. Projecting budgetary requirements to MoD and MoH&FW, sub-allocation to Services HQs, DGOF & PP Cell, AFMC, Pune. Reporting of utilization of funds and projection of additional requirements.

Powers and duties of officers and employees of the organization. DG-3D

(a) Dir AFMS(Health)- Overall supervision
(b) Dy Director - supervision of DG-3D
(c) Asstt Director- Supervision of work in section
(d) Assistant- Processing of Personnel & Establishment matters
(e) DEO- Processing of data of FW Org.
(f) UDC- Processing of financial matters
(g) LDC- General Correspondence

Family Welfare Organisation

Refer to letter Charter of duties and Administrative instructions for employees working in Family Welfare Programme under DGAFMS in Ministry of Defence dated 06 May 2009 on this Website.

Procedures. (1) Procedures relating to budget for the Family Welfare Centres:-

(a) 2211(Plan) Demand No.46FW- For compensation to acceptors of Family Planning methods is procured from Min of Health and Family Welfare and distributed to FWCs through the respective Services HQ.

(b) Major Head 2076 Minor Head 800 B(a)8(d) code 565/41 and 8(e) code 565/42- For contingency Grant is procured from GS Branch, FP-2, IHQ of MoD(Army) which is sub-allotted to FWCs (thorough Services HQ and DGOF) and PP Cell, AFMC.

(c) MH105(A)(I)- For temporary duty moves is sub-allotted to FWCs thorough Service HQ and DGOF.

(2) Recruitment of LMOs Vacancies are projected to MoD/ D (Apptts) who forward the case for recruitment to UPSC.

Supervision. Addl DGAFMS (MR)

Accountability. Dir AFMS(Health) and other officers of section

List of rules, regulation instructions manual and records. The following documents are placed on this website

(i) Duties of Family Welfare Cell (DG-3D)

(ii) Distribution and manpower authorisation of FWCs

(iii) List of Doctors working in Family Welfare Organisation under Min of Defence as on 01 Jun 2011

(iv) Charter of duties of FW staff (19666/DGAFMS/ DG-3Ddated06 May 09)

(v) Authorisation of Imprest Money to Family Welfare Centres(19628 /Vol V/DGAFMS/DG-3D/1462/(Med)/09 dated 06 Jul 2009)

(vi) Payment of compensation money to acceptors of Family Planning methods(19628/VolV/DGAFMS/DG-3D/1462/(Med)/ 08 dated 22 Dec 2008)

(vii) New APAR Format for Family Welfare Doctors

(viii) Guidelines for appointment of Part-time LMO (letter No.19454/ DGAFMS /DG-3D dated 21 July 09)

(ix) Guidelines for appointment of Part-time Sweeper (letter No. 20498/DGAFMS/DG-3D dated 31 May 09)

(x) Increase in honorarium of Part-time LMO (19491/Hon/ DGAFMS/DG- 3D/1041/09/D(Med) dated 17 Jun 2009)

(xi) Increase in honorarium of Part-time Sweeper (19491/Hon/DGAFMS /DG- 3D/1041/09/D(Med) dated 17 Jun 2009)

(xii) Contingency grant 2011-12 for Family Welfare Organisation (29767/ DGAFMS/DG-3D dated 29 Apr 2011)

(xiii) Contingency grant for 2011-12 for PP Cell, AFMC (29767/DGAFMS/ DG-3D dated 29 Apr 2011)

Statement of Category of Documents held. Files related to Personnel, budgetary aspects of the Family Welfare Programme are held with DG-3D

Boards, Councils, Committees. NIL

Monthly remunerations.

Dir AFMS(H)- PB-4 with GP 8700
DyDir/DG-3D- PB-3 with GP 6600
AssttDir/DG-3D- PB-3 with GP 5400
Monthly salary of the incumbents of the above post is prepared by their respective cadre controlling authorities.

Budget. Budget (2011-12)

(i) Compensation to acceptors of FP Methods
2211(Plan) Demand No.46FW
(ii) Contingency Grant for FW Org.
Major Head 2076 Minor Head 800 B(a)8(d) code 565/41
(iii) Contingency Grant for PP Cell- 13.55 Lakh
Major Head 2076 Minor Head 800 B(a)8(e) code 565/42
(iv) Temporary/Permanent duty move-