The RVC is headed by DG RVS (Lt Gen) and the RV Dte forms part of QMG’s Branch. QMG is Col Comdt of RVC.The Corps has six major est as under:-

  • RVC Centre and College, Meerut Cantt

  • Remount Training School and Depot, Saharanpur

  • Remount Training School and Depot, Hempur

  • Equine Breeding Stud, Babugarh

  • Equine Breeding Stud, Hisar

  • Central Military Veterinary Laboratory, Meerut Cantt

The representation at staff level is in Div HQ/Area HQ and Commands.The Vet treatment centres are in the form of Military Veterinary Hospitals in peace and Mobile Field Vet Hosp (MFVH) and Advance Field Vet Hosp (AFVH) in field areas.Army Dog Units which are placed under Operational Wing for the purposes of deployment.Vet Officers are posted in AT Bns/Coys, Military Farms and Supply Depots where warranted.RV Officers are also posted in RV NCC Units.83 RVC Units/sub Units (incl NCC Units) are distributed over Op/Non-Op areas. The details are as under.Peace RVC Establishments

  • RVC Centre and College, Meerut Cantt

  • Equine Breeding Studs

  • Remount Training School & Depots

  • Central Mil Vet Lab, Meerut Cantt

  • Military Veterinary Hospitals

Fd/OP RV Units

  • Advance Field Veterinary Hospitals

  • Mobile Field Veterinary Hospitals

  • Army Dog Units

  • Zanskar Pony Breeding & Training Centre

Dply Staff/ ERE/Deputation