Winning Hearts and Minds of People

"Winning Hearts and Minds of People"

Army has been long following the policy of providing healing touch to the insurgency affected parts of our country while dealing tough with insurgent groups. RVC teams are playing a crucial role in achieving this objective as the life in rural areas are mostly dependent upon the animals and providing free veterinary assistance by our veterinary officers under the ‘Operation Sadbhvana’ is a big relief for them. It has successfully won the applause of rural folks, administration and local media. Most parts of J&K and some of the areas in North East are covered under the plan. Additionally we have undertaken the project to support local administration in capability development. Under this project we have been able to train local un-employed youth in various aspects of animal husbandry, veterinary first aid, poultry farming in parts of J&K. Further the vast expertise of RVC in the field of Equines and Canines has been readily shared with budding veterinarians of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu (SKUAST-Jammu) and Shrinagar. Almost 200 veterinary intern students were imparted ‘hand on training’ for four weeks at the RVC Hospitals at Udhampur and Shrinagar respectively under the scheme. All this have assisted the Army in maintaining close liaison with civil administration because of close cooperation on matters of diverse interests and also greatly enhanced the Army’s image among local populace.