The aim of the AWWA, Eastern Command is to support and enhance the offical welfare efforts within the army, focusing especially on the welfare of families, children and widows of all ranks and retired personnel of the army and also to take active part in the activation of central and state goverments in their efforts towards national re-construction aimed at improving the living conditions of rural poor amongst the above category of persons and protecting the human rights violation of the army personnel and their families.
Objective : National AWWA

• Reaching out to the widows and help them establish themselves.

• Rehabilitation of battle casualties.
• Running of special school for handicapped children of army personal.
• Provide vocational training to families.
• Award scholarship to meritorious & needy children.
• Mother & child care.
• Welfare of patients in hospital.
• Family health & hygiene.
• Family support & counseling programmes.
• Relief and rehabilitation of widows and children.
• Promotion of human rights of army personals & their families.

Registration of Eastern Command AWWA
Eastern Command AWWA was registered with register of societies of West Bengal on 09 Mar 1976, on submission of :-

(a) Memorandum of Association, Which defined the objectives & organisation of Eastern Command AWWA.
Regulations Association of Eastern Command AWWA Which has rules for the Executive Committee.
The objectives of this Registered Association as per the Memorandum are :-
  • Army families’ welfare.
• Other ranks’ Welfare.
• Military hospital patients’ welfare.
• Officers’ and their families’ welfare.
• Ex-Servicemens’ welfare.
• To do all things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives.
List of Welfare Activities
  • Pre-Primary Schools/Primary Schools.
• Army Skill training Centres.
• Vocational Training Institute.
• Boys & Girls Hostel for Schools/Colleges.
• Shoping Centres / Complexes.
• Asha Schools.
• Sainik Niwas at Major Army Hospitals.
• Sports & Adventure /Gym Complex /Helth Club.
• STD / ISD / PCO Booth / Community Centre.
• JCO’s / OR / Institute / Club.
• Family Welfare centres.
• Children Park.
• Cinema Hall.
• Computer Centre.
• Cable TV Room & Video Library.
• LPG Agencies.
Key Result Areas
The thrust of AWWA, Eastern Command is in the following key result areas:-
  • Regular interaction between families of officers, JCOs and OR to inculcate a feeling of belonging and oneness.
• Awareness of rights and privileges of ladies and children.
• Vocational training for the families to make them self reliant.
• Care of differently-abled children.
• Supervision and watch on healthcare of wives and children of serving soldiers/ ex-servicemen.
• Efforts to achieve quality education at pre-primary, primary and secondary school level.
• Improvement in quality of everyday life of families by increasing awareness of healthy and purposeful activities and securing all possible amenities.
• Care of Veer Naris and their children by constant interaction and feedback.
Enlarged Objectives And Aspirations
  • Furtherance of conventional education, vocational education and introduction of computer education for families.
• Enhance scope of Asha Schools to develop differently-abled children to make them self reliant by imparting vocational training.
• Resolve marital discord cases amicably and obtain justice without delay to ensure marital harmony and sustainability of broken families.
• Develop self-confidence amongst Army wives and children befitting the socio-economic scenario and improve their living conditions.
• Increase awareness about safety and security of women including the girl child in the present social environment.