EME Regimental Association symbolizes the resolve of all ranks, both serving and retired, to forge and maintain the ties as a close, well knit and proud family. It looks after the interests of not only those in service, but also of those who are in the winter of their life having given their best years during the service to the Corps.


The activities of EME Regimental Association are governed by a "Governing Body", which is a General Committee of Trustees and nominated members. To assist the "Governing Body" in framing of the policies and procedures concerning areas such as welfare measures, financial management, Customs and traditions of the Corps history and archives, promotion of Sports and Adventure, public relations and others such like regimental activities, a set of committees has been instituted. The "Executive Committee" oversees the functioning of all the other Committees. Quick response of the system is of paramount importance to ensure timely help to the needy personnel.


Monuments of the Corp of EME


1.  Corps monuments contribute significantly in fostering the esprit-de-corps and are a means of preserving our heritage for posterity. These should be maintained with utmost care and safety. The sanctity of the monuments has to be maintained at all times and our heritage preserved for the future generations.


2.  The following have been accorded the status of EME Corps Monuments: -


(a)  EME War Memorial, Secunderabad


(b)  EME War Memorial,Bhopal


(c)  EME Archives and Museum, Secunderabad


(d)  Guruvayurappan Temple, Secunderabad


(e)  Dakshinamurthy Temple,Vadodara


(f)  EME Gurudwara Sahib, Secunderabad