1. ASC Records (South) has achieved the desired standards in the present era of automation. The Records Officers is going ahead by breaking all barriers all towards barrier management of JCOs and OR while in service and welfare of Ex-Servicemen / Veer Naris / Widows and their dependents. It is our vision to provide utmost satisfaction especially to retiring personnel by enduring correct documentation, timely adjustment of their outstanding dues, accomplishing all retirement / terminal benefits inclusive of Family Pension by making use of information technology.

2. It has been my experience that Ex-Servicemen /Veer Naris/ Widows and their dependents do not have adequate knowledge of their pensionary entitlements and various welfare schemes being provided by IHQ of MoD (Army), Central Govt and State Govts. Also there is no effective mechanism with Records Office to reach out to Ex-Servicemen/ Veer Naris and NOKs to make them aware of their entitlements. Though such schemes are published in booklets by various agencies from time to time, they do not reach the Ex-Servicemen /Veer Naris/Widows and NOKs. Therefore, it has now become essential to make Ex-Servicemen / Veer Naris / Widows and NOKs aware of their entitlements and welfare schemes through internet.

3. To educate Ex-Servicemen / Veer Naris / Widows and NOKs, an initiatives has been taken by ASC Records (South) to gather information about pensionary entitlements, terminals benefits and welfare schemes and the same have been uploaded on this web page dully compiled as a ready reckoner so that Ex-Servicemen /Veer Naris/ Widows and NOKs could have an easy access to relevant information through civil internet.

4. I appreciate the efforts made by the team ASC Records (South) for their commendable job and hope for better by doing hard work and dedication towards welfare of Ex-Servicemen /Veer Naris/ Widows and their dependents.

                                                                                                Jai Hind
                                                                                               The Officer-in-Charge Records