dgafms dg (org pers) afms

Powers and Duties.

1. DG (Org & Pers) AFMS, in the rank of Lieutenant General/equivalent, deals with all Organisational and Personnel matters.

2. Is responsible to the DGAFMS on all matters related to personnel and human resource management of the officers of AFMS from commission to superannuation /release/resignation/invalidment.

3. Assists the DGAFMS in performance of duties and exercise delegated administrative and financial powers for and on behalf of DGAFMS.

4. Advises the DGAFMS on legal issues, including those arising out of RTI Act 2005, filing of affidavits/counter affidavits/appeals to court cases.

5. He is responsible for the functioning of DG-1A, DG-1B(i), DG-1B(ii), DG-1C, DG-1X(CRD), DG-1X(HR), Legal Cell and Complaint Cell sections of O/o DGAFMS

Supervision. DGAFMS

Accountability. DG (Org &Pers)AFMS

List of Rules, Regulation, Instruction manual and records. As per Regulations for the Armed Forces Medical Services 2010 (Revised) & other relevant service rules/regulations/ AOs/AIs/Govt orders

Monthly remunerations. HAG Scale