Role and Task


To preserve good order and discipline and to prevent breaches of the same by persons serving in or attached to the regular Army. Also to provide close protection to the COAS. As per chapter II of the Regulations for the Army 1962, Commanders are responsible for the discipline of the troops under their command. The Corps of Military Police assists Commanders in maintaining good order and discipline and preventing breaches of the same.



1. The main functions of the Corps of Military Police are as under :-

(i) To assist in the maintenance of good order and discipline.

(ii) To assist in the control of movement of men, material and vehicles both in peace and war.

(iii) Custody and handling of prisoners of war.

(iv) Control and handling of stragglers and refugees in war.

(v) Provision of pilots, outriders for the GOC-in-C and their equivalent and above.

(vi) Assistance to units, servicemen and their families.

(vii) Aid to civil police

(viii) Maintenance of liaison with civil, Air Force and Naval Police.

(ix) Investigation of cases in the Army.

(x) To provide close protection to COAS.