Commanding Officer and Col Records.    The Commanding Officer and Colonel Records is responsible to assist the Officer-in-Charge Records in carrying out the laid down duties. He will be assisted by the three CROs, Adjutant and other Officers for effective and efficient functioning of the establishment. Commanding Officer is responsible for the maintenance of discipline, efficiency and proper administration in the Records Office. Officer will pay particular attention to the preservation of the health of the troops. CO will monitor and control all duties performed by under his command. It is the duty of CO to see that no officer, JCO, OR, noncombatant or civilian employee under his command who is unfit to perform his duties is retained in the service. CO is responsible for the correct receipt, issue, accounting stock taking of all supplies, stores and equipment. CO is responsible for the proper application of all public and regimental funds. He will monitor and control the committees formed for their management.


Chief Record Officer.    Each group will be headed by a Group Officer (Lt Col) who will be directly responsible to the Commanding Officer for efficient and smooth functioning of his group. He will ensure that documents of soldiers held in his custody are maintained up to date and timely publishing/ reporting for publication of casualties affecting an individual’s pay and other entitlements. The officer in charge of Effective Records is responsible for timely allotment of Army Nos to Rects, obtain basic documents from training Centers and verification of rects. Ensure timely publication of Record Part II Orders, updating of Registers and monitoring of legal cases. Timely processing of commission and LGSC(JN) application. Officer in Charge of Regimental Administrator group will ensure Transparency in functioning of Records office. He will also ensure timely issue of posting promotion and grant of MACP, timely issue of warning orders, discharge orders and carried out screening board. Officer in Charge of Non Effective Group will ensure timely and speedy adjustment of all dues to Ex-Service and their NOK. He will also ensure Timely finalization of BC/PC Cases and AGI death/disability/ maturity benefits. All Group CRO will ensure strict implementation of Cyber Security instruction.


Officer in Charge Automation.    An officer of the rank of Lt Col/Major will be responsible directly to the Commanding Officer for efficient and smooth function of computer centre. He will ensure strict cyber security instrs and fully automation of Record Office.


Adjutant.    An officer of the rank of Major/ Captain appointed as Adjutant at the discretion of the Commanding Officer. He assists the CO in the training, administration and maintenance of discipline in the Record Office.