1. To overcome deficiency due to the wastage rate and requirements of new raisings, an idea to establish a second Artillery Centre was mooted by Major General KP Candeth, the then Director General of Artillery, in March 1961. Sanction was accorded by the Government of India in June 1961. In June 1962 Hyderabad was accepted as the second Artillery Centre by the Government of India and it eventually came into being at its current location on 15 August 1962.

2. The centre is located in and around Golconda Fort, famed for its historical Guns and Cannons. Today, the centre is spread over an area of more than 1,700 acres with an authorized capacity to train 2,900 recruits at any one time though training 4200 recruits. It is equipped with scientifically designed training areas, spacious living accommodation, play grounds and facilities for all sports and games including an athletics stadium and one of the biggest drill squares in the country. Various other allied facilities to cater for the needs of recruits and the permanent staff at the centre is also available.