50 th Anniversary of Independence Medal


The President is please to institute a medal to commemorate the 50th  Anniversary of Independence viz. 15 August , 1997, and, in this behalf, to make, ordain and establish the following : -


Firstly – The medal shall be styled and designate “-----------------------------------------” “50th Anniversary of Independence Medal” (hereinafter referred to as the medal).

Secondly – The medal shall be circular in shape, made of cupro-nickel, 35mm in diameter and fitted to a plain horizontal bar with standard fittings. It shall have embossed on its obverse the Red Fort and the inscription “ 50th Anniversary of Independence 1947-1997” in English along the rim. On its reverse it shall have Union of India map in a circle with inscription in Hindi “--------------------------------------” along the rim. A sealed pattern of the medal shall be deposited and kept.

Thirdly – The medal shall be worn suspended from the left breast by a silk ribbon of golden colour background of 10mm each on either side, stripes of National Flag ie Saffron, white and green stripes of 3mm sidth in the centre.

Fourthly – The medal shall be awarded to the personnel of the following forces who were borne on the effective strength on the 15 th August, 1997 : -


(i) All ranks of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and other Reserve Forces, Territorial Army and any other armed forces of the Union;

(ii) All ranks of the Railway Protection Force, Police Forces, Personnel of Central Police Organisations including Paramilitary Forces, Home Guards, Civil Defence Organisation, Fire Services and any other organization specified by the Government.


Fifthly – The miniature medal of cupro-nickel which may be worn on certain occasions by the recipients shall be half the size of the medal and a sealed pattern of the said miniature medal shall be deposited and kept.

Sixthly – It shall be competent for the President to cancel and annul the award of the medal to any person and also to restore it subsequently.

Seventhly – It shall be competent for the Government to frame such instructions as may be necessary to carry out purposes of these ordinances.