Headed by the Commandant, the Dy Commandant, Adm Officer and Quarter Master ensure the vital command, control and co-ordination of the various departments of this Centre.

Hospital Wing

With 190 beds dedicated exclusively to inpatient care of the disabled, the Hospital wing is one of the largest amongst similar departments in the world.

They enjoy the crucial support of a Social worker, PT Instructor, Psychologist, Physiotherapist and Religious Teacher throughout their stay and follow-up. In addition they are provided with various facilities for entertainment and interactive games.

An attached fully dieted dedicated modern kitchen provides nutritious and wholesome meals.

EME Workshop

Essentially the backbone of ALC, our workshop has highly skilled workers with decades of valuable experience in the art of limb making. Its motto of "Cost is Long Forgotten but Quality is always remembered". The workshop is ISO9001:2008 accredited.

This department also plays an important role in the Research & Development activities of this centre. Indigenous SACH feet, Light-weight Exo-skeletal PTB Prosthesis, Endo-skeletal Carbon Fibre Limb are some of them. Trials is being carried out on knee shank assembly as a part of AFMRC project.

Fitting Wing

The Deputy Commandant Surgeon, Medical Officers, Chief Limb Fitter & Limb Fitters comprise the team of the fitting wing which provides crucial services for a successful outcome, viz, initial assessment, appropriate prosthetic prescription, gait learning & outpatient services to the differently abled clientele.