Headquarters, EME Regimental Association


1.  Presently Headquarters EME RA is co-located with 1 EME Centre and all regimental activities are generally being coordinated by it. The Chairman of the Executive Committee is directly responsible to the Governing Body for the smooth functioning of this HQ and coordinates and monitor activities of all the committees. The administrative support to HQ, EME RA is provided by 1 EME Centre and the local administration of the personnel posted to HQ, EME RA including accommodation, pay and allowances, rations, discipline, transport, leave etc is dealt with by Dir, EME RA. EME Records provides four combatant clerks, including one JCO head clerk, to 1 EME Centre, Secunderabad on `over and above’ strength basis with specific endorsement to the effect that they are to work with HQ EME RA.


2.  Only exceptional cases, requiring approval of the Trustees are referred to Dte Gen of EME/Governing Body. All other matters are resolved by various committees within the framework of the Regimental Association rules and policies approved by the Governing Body and the budgetary allocations.


Governing Body


3.  The "Governing Body" is the highest policy making body for arranging the affairs of the association and governing the Regimental Association activities at the macro level. The composition of the "Governing body" is as under





Senior Col Comdt









Vice President D











Cols Comdt




















MGs EME, Command










Cdr, HQ Tech Gp EME










Cdr, HQ Base Wksp Gp EME










Comdt, EME School










Dy Comdt, MC EME










Other serving EME officers in the Corps of EME of the rank of Maj Gen and above Comdts, 1 & 3 EME Centres










Dir EME (Coord), Army HQ










Dir EME RA (Ex Officio Dy Comdt 1EME Centre)










EME Regimental Association


4. Meeting. The Governing Body/Trustees meets once or more often in a year, as required.
5. The broad functioning of the Governing Body is as under :-
  (a) Oversee the functioning of EME RA and ratify the deliberations of lower bodies, wherever necessary.
  (b) Make/amend rules/policies for RA to achieve the declared objectives and make major changes in aim, objective and rules governing the RA with the approval of the General Body.
  (c) Approve holding of Corps Reunions and Jubilee Celebrations.
  (d) Sanction budgetary allocations for the ensuing year as per the budget proposal presented by Chairman Finance Committee after ratification by Chairman Executive Committee.
  (e) The President is empowered to take urgently required decision on need basis which are ratified in the next "Governing Body" meeting.
Executive Committee
6. The normal business of the association is carried out by the Executive Committee based on general policy and specific instructions and regulations approved by the President "Governing Body".
7. The composition of the Executive Committee is as under :-
  (a) Chairman Comdt, MCEME
  (b) Members ADGEME(P&A),Dte Gen of EME
      Dy Comdt, MC EME
      Comdt, 1 EME Centre
      Comdt, 3 EME Centre
      Dir EME (Coord) Dte Gen of EME
      Dir Regtl Assn (Dy Comdt, 1 EME Centre)
  (C) Secretary Secretary-Cum-Treasurer, EME RA
8. The executive Committee meets at Secunderabad. The minimum number of members to be present is five including the Chairman
9. The board functions of Executive Committee are as under :-
  (a)  Scrutinize the budgetary provisions as drafted by the finance Committee before approval of the governing Body.
  (b) Oversee expenditure against the approved budget and ensue budget allotment is not exceeded.
  (c)  Review functioning and administration of the RA and audit of accounts.
  (d)  Recommend investment profile for RA funds.
  (e)  Suggest any amendment to the objectives/rules/bye-laws of the RA to the Governing Body as and when necessary.
  (f)  Conduct periodical review of the plans and functioning of various Regimental Committee.
  (g)  Monitor progress on the minutes of the General Body Meting.
10. The Regimental Association is governed by a "Governing Body". This consists of Trustees who are the father figures of the Corps, and some additional members, who are directly involved with planning and implementing regimental activities of the Corps.