DG - 1B

The section deals with the all personal and administrative matters of AMC/PC officers up to the rank of Lt Col and policy matters relating to all AMC officers. Controlling section for personal matters of permanent commission officers and all occurrences relating to their appointment, confirmation, seniority and promotion.

Powers and duties.

Correspondence of AMC (PC) Officers

(i) Allotment of personal number (MR No) on receipt of personal files/appointment documents from DG-1A and DG-1B(II). Files received from DG-1B(II) officer granted AMC/SSC to AMC (PC).

(ii) Initiation and publication of Ist appointment DGN in respect of AFMC graduates and SSC officers granted PC.

(iii) Grant of rank of Capt on completion of internship in the case of the officers joined in the rank of Lt and equivalent and publication of DGN thereon.

(iv) Initiation and publication of confirmation DGN on receipt of recommendation of the CO of the unit.

(v) Promotion to the rank of Major and Lt Col on completion of 4 years and 11 years reckonable commissioned service respectively, initiation, and publication of DGN thereon.

(vi) Processing of cases for Resignation/Invalidation and issue of necessary orders to the respective service HQ.

(vii) Processing of application for change of name and issue of necessary orders.

(viii) Identification and detailment of officers for MOJC Course according to seniority and date of promotion. Grant of exemption to officers who could not be accommodated for the course due to administrative reasons.

(ix) Policy matters of AMC officers such as issue /revision/amendment to Army Instructions and issue of Govt letter. Issue of administrative instruction for implementation of Govt orders.

(x) Processing of cases for secondment from one service to other and issue of necessary orders.

(xi) Provision of medical officers for various paramilitary organisation and other organisation in accordance with the additional authorisation maintained for the purpose.

(xii) Compilation and submission of required reports and returns to the Coord section, Addl DGAFMS and the DGAFMS.

(xiii)Compilation of manpower reports based on authorisation and holding returns received from the three service HQ.

Procedures/Activities. Ruling of AMC/PC officers

Deals with all ruling and Army Instructions, Army orders and its amendments, from time to time, regarding following subjects in respect of AFMS officers :-

(a) Date of birth of officers.
(b) Issues of AI 75/78.
(c) Out fit allowances.
(d) Grant of technical pay.
(e) MHA, Spl Pay.
(f) Grant of technical pay.
(g) Seniority of AMC & ADC officers: AI 49/82.
(h) Release/Resignation/Premature retirement from service.
(i) Fixation of pay of ADC officer under SAI 2/S/98.
(j) Review of terms and conditions for grant of PC to SSC officers in the Army Dental Corps; amendment to AI 15/79.
(k) Provision MOs to paramilitary organization.
(l) Secondment from one service to another service.
(m) Promotion policy.
(n) Coast Guard and other paramilitary organizations.
(o) Review of terms& service conditions for grant of extn of SSC tenure and grant of PC to serving SSC officers in AFMS by tri-service review committee.
(p) Revision of AI 18/89 (Grant of PC/AMC NT).
(q) Revision of Ante date seniority AMC officers.

Supervision. Addl DGAFMS (HR)/ DG (Org &Pers)/DGAFMS

Accountability. Section officers and Dy DGAFMS (HR)

List of Rules, regulation instructions manual and records. Army Instructions.

Statement of Category of Documents held. Normal

Boards. Conduct of selections as per the provisions mentioned in AI/ Govt. letters.

Facilities available to citizens for obtaining information including working hours of library or reading room meant for public. For Grant of Commission in the Armed Forces Medical Services the advertisements are published from time to time in the leading national Newspapers and Employment News.