The Directorate of indigenisation will perform all the administrative and technical functions as applicable for smooth functioning of the Directorate of indigenisation and its DSWs. Detailed functions are :-

1.     Functions of Indigenisation Committees.

       (a)    Engineering analysis of DDLs to identify items feasible for indigenization.

       (b)    Analyse development route - alternate design/reverse engineering using black box approach.

       (c)    Preparation of drawing/ QAIs/ Monitoring instructions/ ATP documents for including in RFP.

       (d)    Tendering process (RFI, EOI, RFP as applicable) to shortlist the vendor and issue of Development Orders.

       (e)    Benchmarking which needs knowledge of manufacturing processes/ technology.

       (f)    Assist Det BWG (Q) in conduct of FFFT of Pilot Samples.

       (g)    Monitoring of technology/ design aspects during User trials of various development projects.

       (h)    Codification of indigenised items and sealing of particulars through DGQA.

       (j)    Declaration of successfully developed items/ spares as “Free Flow”.

2.     Functions of Design and Specification Wing.

        (a) To take part in Indigenisation Sub-Committee meetings and assist in selection of item for indigenization.

        (b) Development of engineering drawings and finalization of technical specifications.

        (c) Maintain a library of engineering drawings.

        (d) Preparation of Quality Assurance Instructions.

        (e) Interact with inspection agency and facilitate in inspection of engineering drawings/ QAI’s.

        (f) Interact with vendors and facilitate the progress of development of indigenised items

        with the manufactures.

        (g) Liaison with AHSP, Det BWG (Q) and other agencies as directed by DOI.

        (h) Liaison with local industry and carry out scan of industry readiness.