Corps Colour And Song


             The regimental ‘Colours’ are symbolic and embody the spirit of the people who fight under them. They stand for every thing that is noble and honourable. The ‘Colours’ are, in fact, proud history told in silk. They are always  held in great veneration by the regiments and corps and act as source of inspiration and pride for them.

            A proposal for the award of regimental Colours to the Corps was initiated in 1952 and was approved in Oct 1967. To coincide with the Colour presentation first ever Reunion of ASC was also held. The new Corps Colours were presented by the President of India, Dr ZakirHussain to the Corps on 08 Dec 1967on the 207th Corps Anniversary, at ASC Centre (South), Bangalore. Lt SSK Raheja had the rare and enviable privilege and honour of being selected as the Colour Ensign, he received the Corps Colours from the President. The second regimental Colours were presented on the occasion of Third Reunion by Gen OP Malhotra, COAS on 08 Dec 1979



              In Oct 1975 the Corps song entitled 'Seva Corps KeJawan' was composed and recorded on a 45 RPM disc by HMV.  The Corps song depicts in simple language the various facets of the Corps.  Shri Sahir Ludhianvi composed the song; Shri Khayyam has scored the music and it is sung by late Mukesh, Mahendra Kapoor and others under the able direction of Shri Yash Chopra, the famous director.