addl dgafms (mr) health-3a

Powers and duties of officers and employees of the organization

Charter of Duties

Director AFMS (Health) functions under Addl DGAFMS (MR) whose charter of duties is laid down in Para 22 of the Regulations for the Medical Services of the Armed Forces (RMSAF) 2010. The functions that stem from this charter of duties are:

1. Formulation of Policy and Programmes pertaining to Public Health in the Armed Forces. The subjects cover a wide spectrum and include the following:

(a) Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases and Non Communicable Diseases
(b) Environmental Sanitation
(c) Nutrition
(d) Information, Education and Communication (IEC)
(e) HIV/AIDS control in the Armed Forces
(f) Immunisation of troops and families
(g) Implementation of the National Health Programmes in the Armed Forces.

2. Medical Boards. The following categories of medical boards are dealt with:

(a) Appeals against Invaliding Med Boards (Officers only).
(b) Review Medical Boards in respect of candidates for commission in the three services.
(c) Review medical boards ordered by the Court/Ministry of Defence

3. Medical Attendance and treatment from AFMS:

(a) Policy regarding entitlement
(b) Specialised treatment from civil sources in India and abroad for Armed Forces personnel and their dependents
(c) Recognition of civil hospitals for purposes of specialised treatment.
(d) Processing of cases with MoD for treatment of Non entitled cases:

(i) Para military personnel
(ii) Civilian Govt employees in specific areas
(iii) Foreign nationals (Including personnel of foreign armed forces)

4. Hospital Stoppages and Investigation Rates

5. Medical Standards for entry into the Armed Forces and assessment of trained serving personnel.

6. Health Statistics: Compilation of the Annual Health Report of the Armed Forces.

7. Liaison with National and International Health Agencies

8. Membership of various Boards on behalf of the DGAFMS and Addl DGAFMS (MR)

9. Armed Forces Health Subcommittee (AFHSC)

Procedures. As laid down in the Regulations for the Medical Services of the Armed Forces 2010

Supervision. Additional DGAFMS (Medical Research), Director General Hospital Services (Armed Forces), Director General Armed Forces Medical Services

Accountability. Dir AFMS(Health) and other officers of the section ]

Information. As displayed on website

Boards, councils, committees. Armed Forces Health Sub Committee

Armed Forces Health Subcommittee (AFHSC): The meeting of the AFHSC is held at least once in every calendar year under the chairmanship of DGHS (AF). The committee discusses all the matters which affect the health of service personnel. Its composition is as under:

Chairman : DGHS (AF)

Members : Addl DGAFMS (MR)

: Addl DGMS (IS,H&PS)
: Sr Consultant (Med)
: Dir MS (Health) (Army)
: DMS (Health) (Navy)
: DMS (Health) (Air force)

Secretary : Dir AFMS (Health)

Budget. Nil

Rules. Regulations for The Armed Forces Medical Services 2010 (Revised)