1. Allotment of Personal No. on receipt of personal files/appointment
documents from DG-1A.

2. Initiation and publication of 1st appointment DGN in respect of
AMC/SSC Officers.

3. Grant of rank of Capt on completion of internship in the case of
the officers joined in the rank of Lt and equivalent and
publication of DGN thereon.

4. Processing the cases of confirmation on completion of one year
probationary period on the recommendations of concerned CO.

5. Time scale promotion to the rank of Major and equivalent on
completion of four years reckonable SSC service and initiation
and publication of DGN thereon.

6. Processing of cases for resignation/invalidation and issue of
necessary orders to the respective service HQs.

7. Processing of applications for change of name and issue of
necessary orders.

8. Processing of cases for secondment from one service to other
and issue of necessary orders.

9. Processing of cases for anti date seniority in r/o officers
having previous coloured service and officers having higher

10.Processing of cases for issue of No Objection Certificate to
officers applying for civil employment.

11.Grant of extension to officers completing the initial contractual
period of five years.

12.Compilation of manpower reports based on authorization and
holding returns received from the three service HQs.

13.Compilation and submission of required report and returns to
the Coord section, Addl DGAFMS and the DGAFMS.