Sikkim known as Che-meng-hsiung Demjong Kingdom of Sikkim. It has a maximum elevation of 8,579 meters and a minimum elevation of 305 meters. Sikkim, one of the highest areas in India, is traversed by the main range of the Himalayas and by several spur ranges. The state dominates the Chumbi Valley, a strategic gap in the mountain wall between Tibet and northeastern India. Kanchenjunga (8,598 meters) is the third highest peak in the world, and is the highest peak in India.

            The climate ranges from tropical to alpine. About one-third of Sikkim is covered by forests. Agriculture forms the basis of the economy. Cardamom, oranges, apples, and potatoes are grown for export. Tourism is a growing industry. The Kingdom of Sikkim was a protectorate of India from 1949 until 1975 when a referendum ended the monarchy, and it became a state of India.